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I have 99 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 86049 times and 53 of my stories have been cherry picked.
36 of my 573 comments have been voted Great Feedback with a total of 36 votes

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Still Falling

The leaf breaks and falls, drifts on a lilt of air and falls again, down decades of green light and bounteous rain, still falling…. sweet as a kite,...

Rhinoceros Head

My mind is full of rhinoceros words. They move through the long, dry grass with a monster tread and paw with an angry snort at the ground in my head...

Camel Crusade

Out of the rising of the sun, in single file across the desert plains, three travellers with burdens on our backs and golden charms that jangle on...


Polar bear dreams are white and as cold as the North. The sun in their dreams is pale and the stars are bright. The land is as wide as an ocean with...

The Otter

It's just about an otter really