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I have 210 stories published in 9 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 228100 times and 137 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Drew Gummerson

Author of Me and Mickie James (Jonathan Cape) and The Lodger (GMP), and many stories here and there. Follow me at @drewgum. Seven Nights At The Flamingo Hotel is coming November 2020. 

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Me and Mickie James Cover

This week I received the cover for ‘Me and Mickie James’. I was surprised. I was expecting a picture. Instead it is covered in writing, front and back. Also it’s black.

National Year of Reading 2008

This year is the National Year of Reading . (That’s reading as in reading books, not Reading as in the town outside London.

As If!

There was a quote at the end of the Start the Week podcast. Q. “Why are you not unhappy?" A.

A New Year Message

For the past three days I have been editing the final chapter of ‘The Penguin Variations’. So I am finishing it as the year ends. It’s been a good year.

A Christmas Message

I was at friend’s house the other day and he informed me that some of his friends had recently purchased themselves an oil-less deep fat fryer for Christmas.