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Gayle Letherby

I am a writer in various ways. I am a sociologist who publishes mostly in the areas of reproduction and non/parental identity; methodology and travel and transport. I  have been writing fiction and prose for a few years now and draw on my own experience - both personal and academic - in my work. Other inspriations come from the books I enjoy and the news items that make me cross. I've have recently begun to also write short pieces of memoir.

Gayle Letherby

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The Clumsy Giant's Busy Spring

Almost nobody in the village of Codswallop knows Geoff by his name. Instead he is known by everyone except his mum as the clumsy giant. All his life...

The Naughty Dragon

The naughty dragon lived in a wood, whatever she did she just couldn’t be good. Do you know what she did that was thought to be bad? What on earth it...

A small #lockdown poem

A kindness, a thank you, a thought for another, Treating any other as your sister and brother. We’re in this together but governed by fools, Who...

Fred and Ginger

Joseph’s early morning tea and smoke is, as usual, accompanied by the sound of seagulls tramping on the plastic corrugated roof of the slightly...

Now's a good time

Now's a good a time to learn to touch my toes, Now's a good time to strike a new pose. Now's a good time to learn to bake and sew and drill and saw,...