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StoryI think there is a man.... gletherby43 months 2 days ago
StoryLost for Words gletherby07 months 1 week ago
StoryRemembering isn't enough ... (Part Two) gletherby07 months 1 week ago
StorySummer Nights gletherby07 months 2 weeks ago
StoryRemembering isn't enough ... gletherby67 months 2 weeks ago
StoryThe 3-Second Rule gletherby07 months 3 weeks ago
StoryTrend Setting gletherby07 months 3 weeks ago
StoryRain gletherby47 months 3 weeks ago
StoryAn Unbirthday Treat gletherby67 months 3 weeks ago
StoryI couldn't scream gletherby27 months 4 weeks ago
StoryHeard in Wales gletherby210 months 3 days ago
StoryAt the bottom of the bed gletherby110 months 3 weeks ago
Storya break from hoovering Di_Hard2111 months 6 hours ago
StoryLust Loses All Rhiannonw1111 months 1 day ago
StoryIf you didn't know it was true you'd think it was a ... gletherby211 months 2 days ago
StoryHansel and Gretel - An Update luigi_pagano411 months 2 days ago
StoryThe witch, the bear, the brute and the bullied gletherby411 months 3 days ago
StoryMad dogs and sun hats gletherby911 months 3 weeks ago
StoryYou Cilla Shiels611 months 3 weeks ago
StoryKoumpounophobia gletherby311 months 3 weeks ago
StoryLife in the shadowlands gletherby2211 months 3 weeks ago
StoryHouse(s) of Cards gletherby611 months 3 weeks ago
StoryPeas and Peanut Butter gletherby1511 months 3 weeks ago
Story'May I Use Your Bathroom?' gletherby1111 months 4 weeks ago
StoryA Pay Check Away gletherby311 months 4 weeks ago

My stories

I think there is a man....

I think there is a man (I say man because of the size of the dirty socks I found) sleeping in my shed. I say my, it's actually shared by the three...

Lost for Words

My opportunity for speech shrinks when Emily dies. She was always more outspoken, more gregarious, more interested in others than me, enjoying a good...

Remembering isn't enough ... (Part Two)

I have for the last few days been staying in Coverack, a small Cornish fishing village on the Lizard Peninsula. It’s not that far from my home town...

Summer Nights

I loved the pub. Several customers vied to buy me drinks. You didn’t mind. You were always protective but seemed to enjoy my popularity. Our visits...

Remembering isn't enough ...

My paternal grandfather fought in World War I. He lost a leg. My dad, a lifelong story teller, spoke, and wrote (in his own unpublished memoir),...


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Thanks and 12 things ...

Posted on Sun, 11 Nov 2018

Thanks so much for comments and cherries xxx I'm still working on the 12 things. I want to learn a couple of things, go to a couple of places new to me. I'll keep you informed, as I'm hoping to write up my experience of each one. . . .

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I love this

Posted on Tue, 26 Jun 2018

I love this Di. Glad you took that break! Gayle 

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Posted in a break from hoovering

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Brilliant Ewan. Reminds me of

Posted on Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Brilliant Ewan. Reminds me of Dick Gaughan's 'The Diggers'. Gayle

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