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Joseph Harvey

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Rambling Rose

And rambling she runs With her long hair hanging down From the country to the town Through the city streets she goes My rambling rose. And her fierce...

The Missing Piece

I notice, the tear in my shirt, hanging out, slumped down in the kitchen, afterwork, tired and tied rather than rooted to the spot. A violent tear, a...
Gold cherry


Beneath the warm sunlit white plastic garden chair, set in concrete, was a single paw print. His eye took it in. A cat, back in the sixties when this...

The Lights Of Lampedusa

"There lie the lights of Lampedusa," a voice it rose up from the crew. Huddled in blankets, early October, we dreamt of a better life than the one we...


Women must wear dresses. Men must wear suits. Everyone must live by the sea. Everyone has to dance. Everyone has to smile. We must all have a shadow.