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Joseph Harvey

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Shadow and Light

"I love you but it's not to be," A fair Maiden whispers to her Knight, A silver arrow into the dark There is shadow and light Some men pray to...

The Tree In The Storm

To whom we serve this bloody dish while the baby waits for her milky wish The paint unravels from the brush The hush of headlines on the bus And all...

The House Where My Heart Dwells

There's a place on a darkened street That you pass but you don't see It's a passing shadow of the place it used to be If you took the time to glance...

This Open Sea

You were a port in the storm Your love light kept me warm The world I grew to know was a world of you I turned my back on everyone I knew I cut my...

The Fiddler Of The Reels

There was a girl I longed was mine Sweet Caroline my suit declined It was plain to see, her love was blind For the fiddler of the reels For when he...