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Joseph Harvey

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You Live Your Life In Reverse

You live your life in reverse "And what's coming up next..." It happens first Is it a blessing or a curse? (On the way out, on the way in) You live...

The House Of Rain

No one knew from whence she came The little girl lived in the house of rain It was down the hill and up the lane A silhouette at each day's wane...

Hello Mr Magpie

Hello Mr Magpie We're not so unalike, you and I People turn their heads away When we pass by... With our eyes Looking for things abandoned on the...

Burnt Biscuits

Carrying the car seat in, In the dark, her little heart beating with a start, I caught the whiff and forgot with fatigue whence it had come, from...


It had begun to snow heavily that Thursday evening, at the end of dark January, for the first time that Winter and although still loose and powdery...