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Joseph Harvey

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She's In Love

I've not heard her play in here for a while She'd always be at the sessions and bring a smile To the old men at the table She'd sing soft as a dove...

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

People said you were no good They said you never did the things you said you would They said unequivocally you weren't good news They said you weren'...

Well There You Are

"Well there you are. Well there you are." Can you just drive into heaven in a gas guzzling car? Can you wish upon the darkness when there isn't any...

There You Are

Can you wish upon the darkness When you cannot find a star? In the night in all its vastness I thought I was alone, then There you are. Can you go on...

Have Another Drink

Go on have a drink, have another drink Go on have a drink do. Saved the best till last Go on fill your glass With the morning and we two. Though it's...