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Joseph Harvey

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Place To Place

It started when I was at school And those Cline Road boys would treat you cruel I was beat and fell out of the race My mind started shifting round...

Returning To The Tomb

Each time I read the one about the tomb For kids who know the "they fuck you up" one A stationary moment in the room Voyages me back to when I was...

Absolute Silence

That's what the wavering voice in the wind calls As the old ones stand at the front by signs Some barking, some indifferent to the brawls Of youth...

Blue Key Heart

The smell and halo rings of cheap cigars, The heavy heart of keys for unknown doors, The moments sweet, in third hand estate cars The hoovering of...

Memory Stick

We walked the railway line, just us alone Your temperature unsteady, as your gait You led the way along a track unknown Through fence I followed you...