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Joseph Harvey

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My Hands Are On Fire

The Pauper's Prince in the mansion Plans out his little game While the chain gang outside Wait for their chance at fame "If it's carefully planned...

The Frozen Man

It happened at first only intermittently He would stop, going through a doorway, or, as he'd closed the door of the bathroom, as if he'd stepped in...

Few And Far Between

When the new born sun first fell On Eden's bowling green I looked out the window, At you in the garden You were my few and far between They say...

Remembrance Day Part 2

He alighted from the train and walked with a sense of growing excitement along the platform, his bag hanging off one shoulder, amongst the suited...

Remembrance Day Part 1

He loathed that moment of hearing the phone ring at the other end of the line, sat waiting for the voice at the other end to cut it off, with a "...