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"There's an old face, that I've not seen in town." Someone asks him, if he's going to stick around And he shrugs and gets a temp job Starts saving...


“The crisis in Syria continues…” stated the well-groomed female newsreader, wearing a rich-burgundy blouse, staring out from the small television...

The Road Is Wider Than It's Long

I saw a shadow lady, Calling up the wind And a Spanish boy who called out the fishes for to swim Scarlet at the fairgound said: "You joskins got it...

The Old Station Clock

Beneath this station clock Is where I let her go I thought she'd seen it coming But oh the tears they flowed She turned away her breaking heart And...

Out Of Focus

Fumbling with the back of what would become Mum's camera-case, you expose the film to the light, accidentally, your first awkward brush with the 'Art...