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Joseph Harvey

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Good People and Bad People

Well there's good people and there's bad people That much I've learnt along the way But if you asked me which one that I was I couldn't say For I've...

I've Been Everywhere In The World Where They Don't Have Christmas

The Spring is sprung with its gentle breeze And Summer sun, easy to please But when Autumn leaves start to burn To the bottle I return And when my...

Like Love

Standing naked in the star Of the heavens of your heart Rolling over heads above And it feels like love. Waking sideways, slowly smile, In the...

A Sorry Life

Once was the promise of gold up the river With the promise of gold I headed up the river But I had been sold up the river Oh, it's a sorry life...


How old. How long ago. The numbers were shorter and most people's in the book then, and in the abyss of afternoons you swam through at that age,...