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I have 375 stories published in 22 collections on the site.
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Jennifer Pickup

Jennifer Pickup is a secondary school English teacher turned primary school teacher turned Nursery Manager and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator with a love of telling stories and weaving rhymes. She lives in Wiltshire with her Chihuahua-cross rescue dog and when she isn't working she can be found dog-walking, horse-riding her beloved dressage horse, dressage judging, or glued to her laptop, writing. A lot of her work can be found on - this writing community offered her valuable feedback and support over the years and was instrumental in getting her fist novel published through Unbound. Unbelievable is her first novel - -

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The Gap

The Gap (8th November, 2011) The silence that interrupts a conversation; where the pins drop, no-one knows, but we have all felt that strange sensation, that frozen moment of


Freedom (4th November, 2011). We brought our placards and our peaceful words; We brought our passion, hoped that we’d get heard; We brought our strength, our dignity, our righteous heads

Wise Whys

Wise Whys (4th Oct, 2011) I don’t have your address to write you a letter; If I had done, would it have made things better? You won’t leave me alone, like a dog with a bone;


Words (26th August, 2011) I can’t promise you anything but words: Of those, I have an endless supply; They come, they press, they beg to be Upon my screen, out of my mind.