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I have 375 stories published in 22 collections on the site.
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Jennifer Pickup

Jennifer Pickup is a secondary school English teacher turned primary school teacher turned Nursery Manager and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator with a love of telling stories and weaving rhymes. She lives in Wiltshire with her Chihuahua-cross rescue dog and when she isn't working she can be found dog-walking, horse-riding her beloved dressage horse, dressage judging, or glued to her laptop, writing. A lot of her work can be found on - this writing community offered her valuable feedback and support over the years and was instrumental in getting her fist novel published through Unbound. Unbelievable is her first novel - -

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Let's Start Again

Competition Entry

Paper Proof

Paper Proof (4th April, 2011) Raw pain like an itch I can’t reach, so close, on the inside; it’s where I breathe, deep; it’s where my heart beats. These words are not for your ears

Rain Blood

Rain Blood (4th April, 2011) This is the kitchen of memories; broken china pieces under bare feet of crying babies. Don’t sweep before you grieve; the door swings open like

Let's get critical

Response to a certain comment! *wicked smile*
Gold cherry

Taxi Ride

This just came out. A response to a local tragedy. Bit close, this one.