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I have 15 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Johnbest Obialo

Johnbest Obialo is a Nigerian and a prolific Writer, Blogger, Poet, Editor et. all. He has written various articles and flash ffictions ranging from Sci-Fi, Romance, Politics, Religion, Lifestyle amidst others. 

Although he is a Civil Engineer by profession, he is a writer by passion. And hope his stories would help change the world.

My stories


DILEMMA by Johnbest If I'm asked to define Elvis in a six-word sentence, I would say "Elvis is a man of optimism". Yes, he's very optimistic; one he...


Love in spring Love in autumn Love in winter I crave to be with you. If wishes were horses? I'll ride with you. Wearing a nice outfit Set for...

NIGHTMARES by Johnbest

NIGHTMARES by Johnbest Horrific was the night I lay on my bed. it was passed twelve Its presence... I did felt. It gave a wailing noise Flute sung in...

Jekys and Twinkies

What food do you like? Jerkys and twinkies Doesn't look great, But taste is appealing. Best taken with tea Or honey from bees. Causes no allegy, It's...


PANDEMONIUM by johnbest obialo (Inspired by 14th February Zamfara Killings) It was at exactly 10:20pm in birani, when we heard the gun shots. "Kpuah...