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I have 473 stories published in 16 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 614298 times and 351 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Found the site in November 2011. Love the friendly and easy format. Write stories and the occasional poem. Have two books published, available from Amazon. The East End Butcher Boy and Eastendbutchers Short Story Collection.  Always amazed at the diversity of the site and the quality of the writing. Try to write as much as I can and like to try different styles. Hope you like my stories. 

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Seven Years.

I pleaded not guilty. Said it was a crime of passion. But the judge and jury were having none of it and I got life. That was ten years ago and I’m...


It’s difficult to say how it happens. It just does. You work hard, have a successful business, earn good money and suddenly you get a reputation. I...

The Takeover.

It was Steve Wilson’s first day with the Flowfast Corporation. His small, but successful company Watershoot ,had been taken over by the American...
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Saturday Night /Sunday Morning.

Number 15 of 30 for November... It’s Saturday night and everyone’s on my case. Tanya wants nine hundred quid to get the car fixed. I wanted a Ford...

A Fathers Advice.

A fathers letter to his son, giving words of wisdom. Dear Son, Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Sorry I can’t be there, but thought I...