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I have 476 stories published in 16 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 709889 times and 357 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Found the site in November 2011. Love the friendly and easy format. Write stories and the occasional poem. Have two books published, available from Amazon. The East End Butcher Boy and Eastendbutchers Short Story Collection.  Always amazed at the diversity of the site and the quality of the writing. Try to write as much as I can and like to try different styles. Hope you like my stories. 

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The Sin Of Father Jacobs.

Father Jacobs loved his position within the Church. It gave him the opportunity to indulge his one and only vice. He called it his “release.” He no...

The Sunday School Teacher.

Patricia Lambert stared at a photo on the mantelpiece. Taken six years ago in Weymouth. She was surrounded by children. All hers. Not biologically of...

Lucky Black Brogues.

His double espresso hit him hard like a shot of vodka. It made him close his eyes and shake his head. A sensation he still remembered from his old...

When Your Numbers Up.

He was late for work. Again . His boss would give him a bollocking. Oh well, didn’t matter, fuck him! He stood in the bathroom in just his grey (...

Today I Will Write.

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I promised myself one thing. Today I would write. No excuses. All I had to do was figure out where. The...