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I have 473 stories published in 16 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 633106 times and 351 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Found the site in November 2011. Love the friendly and easy format. Write stories and the occasional poem. Have two books published, available from Amazon. The East End Butcher Boy and Eastendbutchers Short Story Collection.  Always amazed at the diversity of the site and the quality of the writing. Try to write as much as I can and like to try different styles. Hope you like my stories. 

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Ginny. ( Part 1)

My mother and father were married for almost sixty years. He’s been gone now since 2006 and Mum in 2010. Here’s the strange part. Though they were...

The Dodgy Invitation.

Bob Jenkins retired early at just fifty five. He and his wife Linda were financially secure. His thirty five years with the Post Office had earned...

Wagon Train. ( Part 2)

We had a problem that none of us had thought of. There were hundreds of boxes of popcorn and only four of us. Each box contained 48 packets. The...

Wagon Train. ( Part 1)

TRUE STORY. We met up behind the garages. We didn’t have long. I had to be in by 6.30 or Mum would go mad. Reggie told us the news. It was definitely...

The Old Lady At Number 58 ( Part 2)

I sat there trying to make sense of what she’d just said. How could she know? It was impossible. Or was it? My rational mind took over. Rushbridge...