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Found the site in November 2011. Love the friendly and easy format. Write stories and the occasional poem. Have published three books, all available from Amazon. The East End Butcher Boy, Eastendbutchers Short Story Collection and The Men In The Shadows.  Always amazed at the diversity of the site and the quality of the writing. Try to write as much as I can and like to try different styles. Hope you like my stories. 

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The Sherbet Lemon Conversation.

I’m on a flight from London Gatwick to Faro Portugal. Easyjet. No frills, no time. Just two and a half hours of boredom. I’m sipping a vodka and...

That Morning

A re-write of something I did years ago. I got up late that morning, too late. My head was pounding like cannon balls being fired from an old galleon...

Ginny. ( Part 6)

I’m one of three kids. I have two sisters. One older and one younger. Barbara is the eldest and now lives in Australia with her husband Ray. She’d...

Ginny. ( Part 5)

It was after seven and the Scotch was still coming fast and furious. I’d been up on stage twice, once for “That’s Life” and once for “Summer Wind”...

Ginny. ( Part 4)

It was 2.30pm, and on a Friday I knew exactly where Uncle Ted would be. The Stanley Arms in Bermondsey. It was a tradition. The pub put on food and...


81 of my comments have received 86 Great Feedback votes

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Hi mate, hope you're well.

Posted on Tue, 14 Jan 2014

Hi mate, hope you're well. This was a triumph of poetry madness. Exactly what I want from a Lavadis piece! Witty, intelligent, original, zany yet beautifully wonderful in its extremes.

Loved it.

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Posted in Her 64th boyfriend

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Just thank god you came home

Posted on Tue, 05 Feb 2013

Just thank god you came home safe and sound Siouxie. But what an experience for a teenager to go through. Great memories, well told.Read full comment

Posted in Seventeen - Chapter Three

1 Vote

Nice tale Frankle. Enjoyed

Posted on Wed, 05 Dec 2012

Nice tale Frankle. Enjoyed this.Read full comment

Posted in Christmas Spudding

1 Vote

Nice words, very well

Posted on Sun, 29 Jul 2012

Nice words, very well written.Read full comment

Posted in No Moses Child

1 Vote

I thought this was a great

Posted on Wed, 04 Jul 2012

I thought this was a great story! The introduction was inviting, then the story began with all the confines of her religion and culture, then the ending with the fish swishing its tail and the big brother smiling! I do so love a good story and this...Read full comment

Posted in to swim at any cost