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Kirsten Amaris Reid

Hey there! I'm just a 16 year old dreamer looking for some feedback and encouragment for the fuel behind my novels and short stories! Feel free to contact me!

My stories

Blinded by the Lies: Awakening Short Stories

I had really outdone myself this time. I stood over five corpses of my six fellow Aetherial council members, each with sizzling, ashen holes blown...

Time is the enemy.

Time does not always bring wisdom, and years spent philosophising do not always supply wholesome thoughts. If anything, given enough time, even the...

The Awakening: Prologue

(The first bit of this newly awoken novel! Comments would be appreciately accepted!) Prologue “Mommy, did you hear that? ”Melanie stopped blowing...

The Awakening: Synopsis

(Comments would be appreciately accepted!) Synopsis + Side-tab: "Do you see them? Right past the second pillar." Flint wrapped his slightly shaking...