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once life January 18, 2017

Once Life I've lost track of my life. It's all gone. I'm gone from my life. I live in a bed. I roll from side to side. Someone takes my excrement and...

What Say You My Soul Spirits ............ABC All

What Say You My Soul Spirits ...........ABC All what construct of word of sound of color of light attempts to address to attest to protest the...

what does love feel like. "in continuum of become"

What does love feel like " in continuum of become" falling into eyes of skies pooled deepy intense absorbed aware exquisite slow, felt, seen within,...

Dance in Dao

Dance in Dao In silent pensive pause between the asked the searching out of found of lost aspirant Master mentors each teach in time danced space...

Joanie's Poem

Joanie's Poem It comes, whispered, it lingers, sensed then swells in tumultuous surge it forms... ...a thought fanned, in tumbled letters spin, set...