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the path’s reveal unwind

the path’s reveal unwind By MarciaMarcia I thought I knew the me of me Inside the depth and breadth of me where seeds of possibility lay sleeping...


A Poet Answers “I Have An Imaginary Daughter” by Lavadis “ Never-be-s” by MarciaMarcia to open....peek and inward....reach begins a tethered grasp...

What of Love’s

What of Love’s. (Poetry monthly) By MarciaMarcia What of Love’s affair artist and muse, imagined, inanimate, spirit or flesh, caught in a moment’s...

What I Don’t Understand Is

What I don’t understand is... what I don’t understand is how a Congress, made up, of the people, by the people and for the people, can splinter and...

Easy Sax. By MarciaMarcia

Easy Sax easy Sax you are not so easy making movement in soulful scale rising piercing silence you tug at the senses arousing longings which touch a...