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Waiting we left together September's wind shivered nestled within coats breathing air muffled warmth beneath scarved throats booted heels paced in...

look away ..... .... ... .. . . . . . ."Poetry Monthly"

stars stars stars afar in twinkled sleep of coming dawn streaking colors ......... ...... .... ... . . . . . . . in the sky as gulls gulls gulls...

a poet answers 2

eyes strained through savage geometric prisms held by daggered glare, how hesitant before azure misted meadow haze fingers raw with winter's freeze...

the We of We

we didn't know time would steal love's given wonder turned surreal learned beneath ill's faded face there forced a wedge blocking pace between the We...

within these walls

within these walls mind find leaves of gold in orange wine caught spiral held strays to morning's light in distant calls announce in flight cirrus...