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The Color of Light. by MarciaMarcia

The Color of Light. ( Poetry Monthly) I heard today that she had given in to fears and insecurity allowing cover to envelop her light and beckon...

How Do I Write “Mother”

How do I write “mother” I’ve painted this, the word it’s image birthed with watered pigment; reds and orange blackish browns, set within the line of...

All Hallow’s Day

All Hallow’s Day. (Inspiration point) Two thousand years of song in tale on Celtic moors where moons aglow and babble brooks in country shire rush.....

You Ask Me “How Am I”

You asked Me “how am I” To share and be spoken turned To hear and find heard echoed in response” in Seeking MM a whole year already gone . . . .gone...


Reveal there is no word, no sign, no touch no fragranced space or fragment place no sweetest sour no salted drop of tear of breath what needs must...