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I have 1107 stories published in 13 collections on the site.
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Palm Sunday (1)

The fickleness of “popularity”


Clusters of smudges pale yellowy-cream, dappled on banks and in woods, in between the trees, on the ground, soft and delicate smiles, rosettes of fresh leaves, climate gentler awhiles.

Chapter 10 Family troubles, family preservation

A small lamp of truth preserved, and the compassion of the Supreme Being to those who called out to him.

Lady’s Smock (Milk-maids or Cuckoo-flower)

Gangly stems on damp clay-ey verge, sun-bleached smocks like a milky surge of many small flowers, lilac-pale; Milk-maids wave in a soggy vale. Lower leaf-stalks with leaflets rounded,


— The extreme intricacy of the structure of living tissue!