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I have 1563 stories published in 15 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1786738 times and 398 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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At motorway services (IP)

Passing through from far and wide, parking neatly side by side, no-one knows from where you’ve come, no-one caring where you’ve gone. Glossy shop, expensive ‘tack’,

Wigmore Castle

Herefordshire The grandchildren like walking up Wigmore castle hill: up and up, past ruined bits of tower, – steps, then level, higher, higher;

Freedom, from a life in pieces

“O son, you know my life was such a mess, – brought others, and myself distress; you know things now are so much better, since, by God’s grace, I broke that fetter,

Martin Chuzzlewit

character and book by Charles Dickens, acted by Paul Scofield in BBC series


I do like bugs*, and snails and slugs, but slugs are slimey to hold in your hand, and bugs are tickley, and may defend themselves, by a nip or sting,