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My stories have been read 43463 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Alanna Petty

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Blind Angel

Sat on a wall with a blind angel. I’d spent the day with the wrong boy and now I had to pay for it; now I had to explain to the blinded one. “Sooo…? What happened?” “Nothing.”

Sit with me

Sit with me in a well lit room And tell me what a good friend I am Though you don't smile when you see me I can still make you laugh And I'll wish all your problems away for you

The Lucky Ones

A sunset depicting your kindness Changes the colours of the clouded sky Through windows my soul sees This last kind act of the sun today And out of these windows, through the door


This is what I wanted, though I don't believe it now I prayed for it, begged sacrificial tears to fall for it But I've been so blind I barely noticed your smile

Escape is Not an Option

The easiest way out A permanent escape Never having to look back Not an option. No matter how much I may crave it No matter how desperate I become The shortest path to the darkest end