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Alanna Petty

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You're poison

Well, well I don’t know how you did it You slipped the poison under my nose And now I’m under your spell Well, well Aren’t you a lucky one? I’m going to be your doll tonight

My sisters

Democracy? An equal say? Oh, my sisters You do make me laugh So was I always going to leave? OK, that’s alright But you lied to me You heard what was said, but you still lied Thank you

Screaming through a pen

So here I am Screaming through a pen Wearing down my little paper soul How awful it is And yet I find it so easy To write what I believe Rather than to say it

How can I write down my problems...

How can I write down my problems Without sounding like I just want attention? I don’t want attention So why am I writing this? Should you choose to read this It is not me asking for attention

Haiku: while waiting for you in the rain

Hurry up, slow Will I'm waiting impatiently Where the Hell are you?