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My stories have been read 43464 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Alanna Petty

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It’s like standing in the rain, waiting for someone who you know isn’t coming, because you feel like they’re the only way you can get back home.

Good Enough?

You have readers like followers, the most beautiful comments left behind for your works.


A while ago, I wrote a story. It was a short one, just 17 years long, about a spoilt, ungrateful brat of a girl who didn’t love her life despite all the beauty and gifts presented at her feet.

Put it down

Put it down. Don’t fuck with me, girl, put that thing down!


Hands forever outstretched forwards, reaching for something that isn’t there. Let me tell you about my life; I am a conscious coma, living in irony.