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My stories have been read 43510 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Alanna Petty

My stories

The Pianist

Music, as clear and bright as springtime rain, blossoms in the longing optimism that one day a flower will grow, this late in the season.

She Didn't Say

None of us expected her to die like that. She was one of those people you thought would live forever.

Autumn Rain

I remember such a happy childhood, grown up in the bliss of eternal autumn rain. I remember tiny droplets of stars falling from Heaven and the pollen of the Earth rising into the air.


One kind act of mercy; one act to save my life Stood in the rain, pouring from my eyes Your open arms allow ice to enter your body And we freeze ourselves together

My Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart, I apologise to the creature I resented for so long. It wasn’t the gargoyle clawing its way up my spine I should have been more weary of, but the angel holding my hand.