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My stories have been read 43511 times and 10 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Alanna Petty

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How do you feel when you see him? It’s like the world comes alive and the sky get’s bluer. It’s like the dead world shrinks to be replaced by something newer.
Gold cherry

I almost lost the stars...

That girl walking on the other side of the road - do you see her? She’s my favourite memory. And she’s ruining my life.


Yes, I let him touch me. No, I’m not proud. It’s strange, like I was numb. I never felt a thing. That’s not to say he was, like, small or anything.

Monstrous Offspring

She lies like a stone, clutching her arms to her chest and covering freshly weeping wounds.

Smurfette's Tragedy

A hen amongst cocks I am. It’s not my fault but it’s become my burden; the only woman left to bear children to beasts.