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Alanna Petty

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Goodbye love

Both my hands forever wrapped around just one of yours And it still isn’t enough Your dry, cracked knuckles meet my lips Choking on tears. I’m giving you away tonight.

15 minutes

A world full of pretenders And starlets yet to come I wouldn’t ask for wonders I have yet to hear of some The nightmares cry out our eyes Into a world of fear

Self Destruct

From the darkest side of life, you’ve dragged me down by the throat And here you are mocking me for not standing my own ground

Sleep, baby, sleep

Night time: precious harmonies drift softly under the clouds Only the sweetest symphonies could possibly shift this silence Lullabies sung gently to your resting spirit

I wanted to be your saviour

Yes, I admit it For a moment, for months I wanted to be your saviour I wanted to be the one who held you and made you forget how to cry I wanted to be the one who you loved so much