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The Worst Part ..

The worst part of all of it is that.. You're fine You're completely unphased And I'm broken I am unraveling That kinda speaks for itself doesn't it...

Aches (Unfinished)

i want to know how you feel But maybe you don't feel anything And that would be too hard to face To be alone in love To be the sole owner of this...

Heartbreak Tale (Unfinished)

Before you I had never felt this Not truly Maybe i thought I had but not this authentically Its a type a control you have over me A hold It had grown...

Dear You,... (its 3am)

Dear you, All I can think about Is the things I want to say too you The things I want to do with you And the places I want to go with you You make me...

Maybe, someone...someday (not really finished)

I guess I just keep wondering... If someone is really going to come along.. Who just gets it. Who makes me feel seen Who makes me feel visible...