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I have 8 stories published in one collection on the site.
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The Lamp

The garage door opens widely, allowing the car outside, to take up the free space inside. He parked his 1997 Toyota Celica which was almost at the...

The Drawer

The sky was dark. Thousand times I’ve thought. What is this world? Why are we here? What is our main purpose? What do we have to do to make it better...

Us vs. Them

The words kept pressing me. The words haunted me back and forth and all my crying was in vain as that seemed to have no effect on the people around...

looking for a sign

I stand aside looking for a sign. A good one maybe. Does it matter, after all those days I survived? I couldn’t even believe it was what I didn’t...

Sins and Virtues

What we all look for Is not what we find The caring has gone too much And we stopped our mind We give problems, troubles and causes To unknown and...