Alice Evermore Texts

A collection of short texts I have written for various collaborations with artists, musicians, and dancers.



If I had a coat of arms, this text would be inscribed upon it.

at long last

A text written for a video filmed in night-vision of a girl in a botanical gardens.

lying in wait

A poem written for a photo-book of abandoned places.

monologue (for Pygmalion's statue)

This was written for a solo dancepiece inspired by Pygmalion's statue that comes to life.


This was written for a video piece with 3-D geometric animation.


This was written for a photo-book of concentration camps.

terra incognita

This is a text about fate.

the heavy atoms

the perpetual motion machine the game of chance the problem with the stabilizers the distances we are incapable of perceiving the spaces we can never hope to measure

morphic resonance

This is a text about inner fears.

i'm not dreaming

This text is a dance piece to premiere in 2008.

falling body

thank you for always providing the resilience to go on thank you for granting me perseverance, charisma and the insight to hear what providence has to say

stand clear of the closing doors

Entering the 96 Street station, I take the Lexington Avenue local downtown.


there is a certain grey fox dashing through the vacant streets of Berlin, scurrying low along the sidewalks and patches of shrubbery, panting for air our paths cross just before dawn

white matter

Musings of an android in the not-so-distant future...

the devil knows

who was that back there… amongst the trees moving through the dawn that illuminates the verge of being though all was still so dim and vague in the garden of pre-consciousness

vanishing point

it’s because when I was small I used to pretend that I could pluck the sun from the sky and hold it inside my first. it would be warm and juicy between my fingers


the dream within the dream the day within the day each place contained a room within a room * some rooms were filled with things presumed to be forgotten

the visitor

one day you made the morning azure you made twenty-three degrees Celsius taste like fresh-cut lawn and orangeade you gave the breezes that drifted indoors up the staircase

we pass away

when the past and the future tug upon the present moment with delicate, unrelenting arms when ambition overreaches talent when dull-dark sunshine...


the time that I first looked you in the eye the time that the morning pierced the night the time that I wondered if you were real * the time that we...

the deep now

I can sense you… Here Within this static place Where time seems suspended. I can feel that you are somewhere nearby Though I do not believe we have...

The Intangible Self

You are the enchanted elixir Flowing through the vessels Like a molten ghost You are the perpetual verge between past and future, the margin amid...

Cosmological Constant

the days will come and go the clouds will evaporate the atoms will split and the birds will scatter * the trees will sigh the continents will drift...

A Priori

her own room was scented with lavender and beeswax vibrating with a delicate fervour this room was where her many possible selves aligned into an...


at 3-thousand feet the night was placid and clear the stillness unbroken upon a vast carpet of nautical miles with light airstreams, the troposphere...


take the minutes from the hour gather the sunbeams from the sky coax the stillness from the night kiss the orchids from my lips and sow them within...

On Your Moon

your moon is enveloped by a thick, gaseous atmosphere dense clouds of molecular graphite and coal swell and collide rippling into crystalline,...

The Ends of the Earth

I used to sense the future as a vast, temporal space like the open road on a highway - an immense uncharted land of chronological kilometres into...

The Underground River

beyond the optic chiasma just above the precipice of the spinal cord there flows a stream - a stream awash with neurotransmitters noradrenalines and...

The Syllabus of Disappointments

Optimism appeared from behind a great cedar with a sparkle in her eye — clad in a regency gown and a feathered toque arm-in-arm we walked across the...

Remember How We Used to Play

in the upper atmosphere in the vertical climb in the sky above the clouds remember how we used to play in the nautical dusk along the radians of...