Bits of String

Here are some bits of monologue style fiction including
Stories from the day...observations...memories...thoughts...
manifestos...and the like.


Little Things From The Day

In aisle seven a woman is making a scene. The woman is shrieking. Heads are turning and people are starting to stare from the corner of their beady eyes.

A Man

I noticed the slurring and swearing, the white beard, all yellow around the mouth. The jacket pocket bulging and the neck of a green plastic bottle sticking out. I could see its contents sploshing around inside.
Gold cherry


I live here in Lancaster House now. I collect clocks and I am fifty-fifty one. I always forget which one it is. I came here because Mum died. She died and we put her in the ground.


Never met a man so uncomfortable in his own skin and I love him. That makes me a nutter. Didn't work that out for myself- I've been told enough times.


You probably didn't expect anyone to approach you. You do look a bit intimidating with those tatoos on your head.

Thursdays I sees er Part 1

She never looks up. Reckon she knows I'm there but she don't look. Reckon she's goin to the market to meet that neighbour of ers...


A very short story.


I felt my baby kick for the first time today. And it's my birthday. I'm fifteen. When people see me out it's like they don't know that I have got eyes. I can see the way they look at me.

Thursdays I Sees Er Part 2

I was stubbourn as ever. Some call it stupid. “No” I said. “This is my home. This is it.” Aint got nothing else. “Let me be” I said.

The Crow

She just stands there staring at the traffic. Her lips move constantly, whispering to herself. Talking to herself, or remembering. Like going over a shopping list or something.

Irene's - A love Story

She'd seen them in the town one Saturday, sitting outside Tesco, holding hands, laughing. They looked like they'd been drinking, like giddy teenagers landed from another planet.


Our rose bushes have grown sullen. Holding watch. As you command. Command your world. Impressive. Extensive. Complex. Networks of railtracks, complete with Fat Controller.

The Governor and The Mourner

A bit longer and more detailed than my usual stuff but hopefully worth a read. It's still under construction so crit. would be especially it interesting, believable? Thanks :)

Your Red Buses

The first time I saw your famous red buses it felt like I had stepped into a history book. The first time I saw one of your red buses with the banner: 'Some People are Gay. Get Over It'

On Subject Matter

it was always more Dickensian workhouse than Disneyland Paris


Love is fierce, a fire. Can you feel it burning you? The dictionary tells me that love is; a strong feeling of affection for another person; a...