Bodily Parts and Other Tales


Penguin Ending

Penguin Ending !supportEmptyParas]> !supportEmptyParas]> It is the last day of the holiday and I wake with a start. Above my head the roof...

After After The Quake

After After the Quake On Boxing Day Ralph woke with the worst possible hangover. The night before he had drunk until three am in a bar on Oxford...

City Scapes

?People up there think you?re a myth,? I say. "Oh, you don?t want to believe everything you hear," says Dillon


"But why me? I asked. I was sitting at the desk on the opposite side of The Captain. The Captain was a large corpulent man given to sudden bouts of anger. The other officers said it was best to butter him up, but I had always found him very fair, without having to slip into unfeigned sycophancy.

The Suitcase

University had cleared me out. I had debts towering over me like obelisks and only two pairs of underpants left. I wore them on alternate weekdays, inside-out at weekends.

MovieLand! (A Christmas Story part 2)

Part 2 Read part 1 here - While the two boys shaded in the wind turbines...

MovieLand! (A Christmas Story. Part 3)

Read part 2 here: Part 3 Some researcher based at Leicester University...

Artur and Guillaume (part 2)

This is the problem. It is not as if he can just apologise, say it was all a big misunderstanding. I’m sorry old chap. No hard feelings. But he has...

Artur and Guillaume (part 3)

He starts to arrange it so he, Guillaume and Vivienne, this being the young beauty’s name, are reading the same book at the same time. In this way,...