Even this

Inspired by William Carlos Williams.


Never letting go means


Even now, my parents still treat me with soft kid gloves and feather voices. After the incident, and a year, and the doctors, and the bills,


If I never let you go . . .

In a Moment of Happiness

The world is like one of the bubble baths I would play in in my youth.
Gold cherry


To think, your births wound up predicting how you would both be in life...


I showed my mother my arm with its three tear drops of bites falling down it when she spotted two from beneath my sleeve —red with nail marks— and asked to see the others. She frowned,
Poem of the week

Souvenir from Mexico

Papi opened his palm And offered me a lollipop. And I, timid as a new-born cactus Yet without spears, accepted. And I took it in my mouth Without knowing what it was.

The Kiss

the kiss was light like spring air—! only the arc of our lips grazed, touched, fanned, frisked, stippled, skimmed, nipped, nicked, pawed at, shook hands with each other


run thin, run thin


When I woke up, it was the middle of the night. My stirred mind was immediately plagued By thoughts of nagging self doubt. Like —That boy I’ve known since middle school,

When You Said My Name

It seemed such a novelty, spouting from your lips, like a fountain dripping sounds so fluid I was sure my eyes saw each letter on the nighttime sky before a single sound funneled into my ears.

I would like—

I'd like for you to like me


I’m angry at my friends again over a silly little thing


My head feels like a paperweight against my pillow and I can’t sleep again tonight. It is heavy with thoughts of you—and me. Real events, and...

Words that I Wanted to Explain to Him but Never Did

This is how I feel: I think you’ve been really, freakishly nice to me And it’s made me want to be nice back. And I tried it once! But when I tried it...

Black Hole

I think I know what it's like to go near a black hole for I have felt deeply of the emptiness of life at certain points, and at times have nearly...

Someone I Miss

It’s been so long I can’t even tell my friends I still miss him Because I know it’s not right To miss someone who doesn’t want me And who never...


I’ve been thinking about A boy a lot About a boy Who’s not thinking About me


Who could pluck out all its feathers, or twist its head off from its neck