A Tribute to...

Various poems written in praise of... and ephrastic poems.


Beautiful Bones

This from a Richard the 111 freak

Blue Glass and Bingo

In memory of my dearest friend Betty, who I miss more than words could ever say.

Daughters Of Necessity

For my Daughter Sharon, My rock. Ananke is necessity and mother of the fates. Koltho spins Lakhesis lengthens and the most feared Atropos, who makes the final cut.

Satis Re-Visited

In praise of Dickens

White Girl

This is an Ephrastic poem for The White Girl by Whistler http://www.wetcanvas.com/Museum/Artists/w/James_Whistler/white_girl.html

The Blank Page

Sometime a blank page can be the scariest thing in the world.

In The Trenches

A thumbnail scene of what Hell it must have been all those years ago.

Last Wish

Death of a Man. RIP


An Ekphrastic poem on Robert Wesley Amick's An American Indian Fishing. http://www.sidewalkartshow.com/page36.html


In loving memory of a beautiful Lady.


For Madeline, still very much in my heart and thoughts especially at this time of year


A poem

Treasure Trove

A piece of blank verse.

Dreams Of Kith And Kin

A Sonnet written almost a decade ago

Where There is Life

My Garden in Winter

Unfinished Journey

37 years ago, on the 22nd february 1972. I lost my mum she was only 57 years old, but still a child at heart. I miss her every day.

Honeymoon Hotel

A little nostalgia ( For My Husband Mac)

Uncle Tom (The Re-write)

My Late lamented Uncle Tom, a re-write. Last verse re-written


Couldn't resist posting this one of my two efforts for a picture prompt challenge about Marilyn. Hope it won't offend you boys (-;

Street Of Bones

Just sometimes...

The Key Ring

Turning out a messy drawer I came across this little piece of treasure.

Pretend it Hero

Another one about a Film star, this time not one of my favourites. Written in the poetic Tersa Rima form.

I Had My Dreams ( I. P.)

Another repetitive Poetic Form~~A Roundeau.