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Publishing a Book of Poetry

Hello good people. Today is special, my birthday #70. Imagine and yet I feel so good to still enjoy writing even more than I did several years ago.

Any advice on the best and very easy format to prepare a Poetry Book Manuscript to send off to print publishers? I never made a serious attempt to do one yet, and only submitted single poems to Journals, etc. If I can get one begun, using all of my 70 Cherry selected poems, it will be my birthday present to myself.

Also any specific book publishers you are knowledgeable about? Thank you, Richard L. Provencher. For those who come up with good ideas later, my e-mail address is:

Happy Birthday Richard- sorry I personally can't help you- am not in the UK or USA so I haven't a clue. ;)Pia
A very big and happy birthday Richard, all the very best sir.


Hi Richard, A Very Happy Birthday. I hope you manage to get your poems published, what an achivement that would be. Good luck. Jenny.


I wish I could help you in that regard, but I know little about. But I do want to wish you the best of luck with it. And cheers to you on your 70th birthday. Rich


Thank you everyone for your best wishes. I used to think 70 was ancient, now the closer I get to 100, the younger I feel. Eh? Richard and Esther ps. Esther, my wife, thinks I am still a stud. Yahoo.
Richard L. Provencher
Happy birthday Richard, forever young at heart. Best wishes and luck with your endeavour xx


Thank you so much, Maddalena. You have a great day too. Richard
Richard L. Provencher
Richard. Your writing inspires me so really you have given a present to me on your birthday. Happy birthday Richard. Ask Esther to give you a slightly harder hug - the extra squeeze is from me. Good luck with the conundrum regarding the poetry book I'm sorry that I can't be of any help as I have no knowledge of the best way to do it


scratch---what a lovely thing to say. Inspiring, eh? Wow. I know you are able to pass it on. Cheers. Richard
Richard L. Provencher
Hi Richard, a very Happy Birthday to you, love xxx I use Iuniverse, they aren't cheap, but by some standards they aren't too expensive either. Lulu and the likes do it for free. I've always had a good job done with Iuniverse. But they are there soley to make money. They will give you three free choices of cover to your specification (after that they start charging) they do what it says on the box, nothing less, nothing more. Enjoy your day.


Thank you very much, Sooz. Much appreciated and will look into it. Richard
Richard L. Provencher
no advice from me, but I wish you a very happy birthday!


Merci insert... Gee, I should have a birthday more often, such nice comments. Now get writing something which should be very interesting. Here is a stimulous challenge---write about a tree branch in a poem of seven words on each of four lines. Then write a short short story of 50 words on the same subject, new title, and post both. One week max to post, now goooo. Richard
Richard L. Provencher
Happy birthday! All the best for your book I'm sure you'll find a good way to present your manuscript- I don't really know anything about it so yeah :p

Natalia :)

I think your best bet, Richard, might be the small press, indie poetry publishers. You might find something interesting here -- > (although some might be defunct as I haven't updated that page for ages). I can personally recommend this one: I might add that LuLu are very good and, as Sooz says, free. P&P puts some people off, but as you're in the US (I think) that's no problem. They give you an ISBN and get you on Amazon etc. Worth looking into, but of course (imo)there's more prestige in a 'proper' publisher, even a small one, many of whom are quite brilliant. Good luck and happy birthday!
I will definitely look these up carefully, and someone else suggested lulu, but indie catches my eye. Cheers. Richard ps. and thank you for those nice B-day wishes.
Richard L. Provencher
Hey Richard many happy returns hope u had a great one


Happy Birthday Richard, and best of luck with getting your poetry published. It's among the best I've read on this site, and it is consistantly so, which is the real challenge. I see no difference between the standard of your work and many well-loved poets, and often its better. Go get em! Steve.
Read Pam Ayres autobiography! You don't have to join the RAF but how she got into show biz is the interesting part. Once you have a known name the rest follows. Best of luck kid!
Thank you so much, Steve, for your very kind comment. It is humbling to have someone say what you have. I have always adhered to the fact to write the best one can, and to stop when it is the right moment. I used to drag out an idea, only to have it fall flat. I don't anymore, and that is why some poems are quite short and others longer. Re a book, I have less energy to chase after publishers these days (gets harder over 30) but will give it another try. Cheers. Richard ps. your work is very interesting. A suggestion I give everyone---look beyond the facade of your subject, ie the tree without bark shone in the sun---change to "an aged silhouetee etched against the cliff honed by the elements into an eagle's perch, like iron and a throne for a mighty king." Massage the obvious. Yes, writing is fun. RLP
Richard L. Provencher
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Many happy returns Richard. I did one recently and am pleased with what the printers have done. Had to do all the pre-press myself to keep the cost down but looks fairly professional. Printer is UK based though. Called Biddles.

Parson Thru

new Richard Prov.. Hi! Richard hope you had good birthday, year older like me. Re; publishing your poem book, Left you some ideas, under your last poem,spoke for you ;The Big Issue' bought today out with Ray,left number and address for you,lady selling said write,I mentioned' Nova Croatia; was it. do read may be of use to you, I and other's were in too. Julie x
Happy Birthday, Richard! Hope you had a good one, and good luck with the publishing.
new Richard Prov.. Hi! lost comment back to you, hope you enjoyed your birthday I did at the time. Just typed left you ideas under your last poem! May help! contact etc; So not typing on here again,lost what typed. Look under your last poem from me! julie xx
new Richard Prov.. Hi! lost comment back to you, hope you enjoyed your birthday I did at the time. Just typed left you ideas under your last poem! May help! contact etc; So not typing on here again,lost what typed. Look under your last poem from me! julie xx
new Richard L.Prov.. Hi! Third time lucky, posted comment ideas, three times,button,not taken but my ideas,and help maybe for you publishing poems,is under your last poem 'No End In Sight'. Do read explains who! where maybe contact? Hope you had good birthday,I did week ago now! I' sure pushing comment button,not come up three times. Just having tea. take care,beat you in age! julie 'Young Forever' aye!
new Richard L.Prov.. Hi! Third time lucky, posted comment ideas, three times,button,not taken but my ideas,and help maybe for you publishing poems,is under your last poem 'No End In Sight'. Do read explains who! where maybe contact? Hope you had good birthday,I did week ago now! I' sure pushing comment button,not come up three times. Just having tea. take care,beat you in age! julie 'Young Forever' aye!
HELLO DEAR READERS AND ENCOURAGERS OF MY WRITING AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHERS, I SURELY APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. I SEND IN THIS GROUP FORMALITY A HUG FOR EACH OF YOU, THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS. My wife, Esther and I, just returned from visiting dear relatives in Westville, forty miles away. Had a great time. Each of us working to overcome health problems of one description or another. And each of us carrying on one way or another. Sincere best wishes, from us.
Richard L. Provencher


Hi Scratch, this birthday business is really neat, I might have another one next month. Ha. I gave Esther an extra squeezy hug just from you. Keep smiling, Richard.
Richard L. Provencher
new Richard L.Prov Hi! Rich,sounds you have had good birthday, and going all those miles with Esther,you kiss and cuddles from us,Julie and Ray. Sent to you,six times,damn computer,re; who to contact1 for your poems1 So put one writing under your last poem! Wen through ok. Sat here thinking me1 computer trying POST COMMENT to you,comes up, STATES your comment has been queued for MODERATION BY SITE AND WILL BE Published after APPROVAL. What Approval needed.; trying POST COMMENTS who! you can get in touch with saw someone today,from The Big Issue,bought told her bit of you! Now under your last poem,left t/no or email you may want to connect. Usually only take one,lady said you write address or email left you. Ray saved six times written,as all went so put under my name one of my poems,again! Tried Stan and Silver-Spun-Sand Tina,as she pointed out,large message here. Now damn thing,gone through four times,I give up. And mentioned I had three in get paid maybe,! Homeless did,group then. Richard blightersrock in recently. Hope all helps you. Must be tired! bet wishes Esther,good person help so many. I did too big family eight mum dad dad. Part of life isn't it. julie and Ray xx hugs! and kiss Esther! Seems be working now! Can't be bothered delete,it going through four five times now! Time wasting me,not my end. kept thinking me!