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My stories

Lament For a Lost Notebook

My little black book who travelled with me to Toronto and Cuba, who lay open on god knows how many beer stained bar tables in Munich while I scribbled out my alcoholic anguish…

On the plane from Toronto to Vancouver

Mesmerised by modulating maps (damn Nabokov, your mischievous dust lay safely inert in the print of the tenth-hand copy of Transparent Things I picked up at a yard sale in Toronto, until I opened it a


Marybel was twenty five. She loved freedom, storms.


The crackle of words sparking blue pulse in dim pub spark down point of plastic pen down tube of ink that crackle smoke flare spark blue ignite fingernails scorch skin those sparks — scrawled blue m


Raindrops talk. They whisper bedtime stories through panes of blackened glass.