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StoryWhoosh smokejack01 year 1 month ago
StoryAlf smokejack11 year 1 month ago
StoryAgeing Bull smokejack21 year 2 months ago
StoryBig John Donovan smokejack21 year 2 months ago
StoryExcerpt from Sunset (a short story) smokejack21 year 2 months ago
StoryToo Deep to Drown smokejack01 year 3 months ago
StoryTake Me Back smokejack01 year 3 months ago
StoryChristmas Misses smokejack01 year 6 months ago
StoryThe Prevention of Love smokejack01 year 7 months ago
StoryFor Sylvia smokejack01 year 8 months ago
StoryBallad of Misery and Hope smokejack21 year 8 months ago
StoryOn The Road - Part 1 smokejack41 year 9 months ago
StoryWinter Stripped Bare smokejack01 year 9 months ago
StorySo long Sweet Cygnet smokejack01 year 9 months ago
StoryClocktime smokejack01 year 9 months ago
StoryTime is Time smokejack11 year 10 months ago
StoryWords like Pearls smokejack01 year 10 months ago
StoryCosmic Caper smokejack01 year 11 months ago
StoryReturn of the Neanderthals smokejack11 year 11 months ago
StoryOh Mighy Oak smokejack11 year 11 months ago
StoryDetritus smokejack12 years 1 day ago
StoryGone smokejack22 years 2 months ago
StoryLast Touch smokejack12 years 3 months ago
StoryUndertow (not as dark as it seems) smokejack72 years 3 months ago
StoryLuck smokejack32 years 3 months ago

My stories


If Only

The bombs that never went boom The aeroplanes that couldn't fly The bullets that refuse to fire Because no one wanted to die The war ghouls of landed...

Empty Bed

The pillows and the sheets Ironed stiff and tucked in tight I can smell her perfume in the air And see her brushing her hair It's been awhile since...

Paint me a Rainbow

Guns and knives Slaughtered lives Blood spilled Hope is killed How did we stoop so low Where did humanity go Needles and drugs Heart string tugs For...


I often think When I drink if there’s another earth And would it be worth Moving there I expect the idea Will never stand up to scrutiny Let’s face...


I watch the cigarette burn itself out in a crowded ashtray Another dead end strangled by the smoke And Laid to rest The living room is dying on its...