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StoryProgress! Rhiannonw172 months 1 week ago
StoryOut of the woods Louise17871 year 6 months ago
Forum topicPoety Louise17801 year 7 months ago
StoryA Prayer Louise17802 years 8 months ago
StoryStrange Times Louise17843 years 7 months ago
StoryThe Hike To Nightfall mcscraic83 years 8 months ago
StoryPrisoners Louise17813 years 8 months ago
StoryStrange times Louise17823 years 8 months ago
StoryMum Louise17834 years 10 months ago
StoryOut Loud Louise17828 years 1 month ago
StorySomething Louise17858 years 2 months ago
StoryFreee Fall Louise17809 years 7 months ago
StoryNotes on clouds Louise178210 years 4 months ago
StorySlow Meadow Mornings Louise178110 years 7 months ago
StoryGoodbye my summer Louise178010 years 8 months ago
StoryDear Mervyn Louise178010 years 8 months ago
StoryCold Louise178610 years 8 months ago
StoryChristmas Louise178110 years 8 months ago
StoryCandle wax Louise1781810 years 8 months ago
StoryBuildings Louise178310 years 8 months ago
StoryBoundaries Louise1781310 years 8 months ago
StoryBlack paper Louise178310 years 8 months ago
StoryBBC Louise178010 years 8 months ago
StoryBare bones Louise178910 years 8 months ago
StoryAugust Rain Louise1781010 years 8 months ago

My stories

Out of the woods

Out of the woods into the sun Is history paying me back for things I've never done Into the trees with little breeze Stale air gets stuck it's hard...

A Prayer

The bullets fire wild killing in my mind as you hide behind words inactions hollow of a kind it is hard to watch it is hard to find the strength to...

Strange Times

The freedom of the birds and the whispy summer clouds are what we dream of now Spring was quietly stolen our liberties curtailed homes were a prison...


We are prisoners of your words catchy, punchy, lethal to us Daily you have an advantage weekly you kill us slowly We are prisoners of your words our...

Strange times

The smirk on your lips and scorn in your eyes is killed by a quick turn as I stand transfixed from your thoughts outplaying on a street in the sun...