Paper Basket Poetry

Off the hip.....:) sometimes not though !!!

Goodbye my summer

This is

A hundred years

I know that you want me to wait for you

A road somewhere

I have a big heavy load

A tolerant society

this plastic bag is biodegradable


I never thought anyone could love me the way I am


This is a word sum

Black paper

Black cut out paper boughs


Mr Smith Miss King

In Control

My god is the biggest I

The middle

If I could say to you the middle is going well


Things are different when you think you are in love

Grey clouds

Sordid thoughts are swirling in amongst the miserable grey clouds

the sky

why are there no answers in the sky

Hidden depths

I met you on the first floor landing

Far away

My thoughts are far away flung

Windows - one comma !

and through my window darkness is falling


like the thread that a spider spins

Details of life

We were sitting round listening

Tom cat

Tom cat Tom cat

Don't say goodbye

We are hiding in the bathroom

Two people

I am lost


my time is now


I just ran over a dead man


I can't keep up fact


I was just minding my own business,


The world can blow away in the wind today

Tongue in cheek - like this

It's just it's like this

Gloves off

We're in a boxing ring ding dong

Next Spring

Today our summer ended early



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