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Stuart Cameron

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Handsome Devil

The Prince of darkness is considered by some To be attractive without being wholesome The ladies are attracted to This smooth guy I'm afraid who You...

In Memorium

It's no laughing matter so it's said Writing rhymes won't help one get ahead You wont attract fame Or I'm afraid much acclaim Better stick with...

Strange fruit

These cherrys just ain't easy to get Looks like my stuff don't impress them much yet Maybe lemons perhaps Would suit my mishaps Their high standards...

Who cares?

Here I sit with my pen in my hand Does the world really know where I stand Do people care what I write Do they exclaim with delight Is my work by the...

Crossed lines

I was confused then I'll hasten to say What exactly she was trying to convey Did she want me to dance Who knows ,maybe romance Or just a smile at the...