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Stuart Cameron

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Listen up

They say that our time here is short And we just don't learn what we ought Are we really so smug Laugh things off with a shrug When perhaps we should...

Burning Question

Why am I here on this planet today? Do I wonder if I've just lost my way? Do I have a free hand? Has my life been pre-planned? At the end will there...

Very Worrying ( VW )

Now software's a problem it seems When you just buy the car of your dreams What's being pumped out I'm afraid is in doubt On account of some real...

Stood up

It's sad when you stand there alone As if abandoned by persons unknown Hoping someone will come While you stand there quite numb And wishing your...

One way love

When your plans for love fall apart And no response can just break your heart When your world fails to turn Do you hope and just yearn To feel once...