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Stuart Cameron

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Game boy

There once was a guy who loved gaming His addiction was really quite shaming He'd gaze at the screen With devotion obscene Unaware at just what he...

A day to remember

The tears will come as we think back To days gone by so long ago When side by side we fought as one To just resist the common foe. The pain of loss...

Mixed bag

Can you guess what's in this bag? I bought it just for you It's full of things I thought you'd like Perhaps you'd like a clue. My quirky sense of...

Anyone got a match? (Poor Guy)

Mr. Fawkes took the rap I'm afraid When he was pinned at the point of a blade He was caught in the act But the odds they were stacked When his...


What goes up must come down so it's said Which seems obvious unless plainly misled Is the reverse also true Or your thinking askew Perhaps it happens...