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Stuart Cameron

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Love hurts

I may feel different again but who knows When the pain has receded and goes But for now it cuts deep I find solace in sleep As I try to roll with...

Doctor's orders

When you stand there as nature intended Better make sure there's nothing extended Don't think naughty thoughts As you just drop your shorts Else the...

Castles in the air

Taylors' fans are so sad to hear She's not buying a castle this year She said 'Calvin and I Have no intention to buy A pile of old bricks - Is that...

Invisible people

Some people go through life just unseen With no trace of where they've just been Invisible beings they glide Through lives never spied They just fall...

Time's up

The trouble with time I'm afraid It can be forgotten or simply delayed It can just disappear Or a minute seem a year In the end it is often mislaid.