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Stuart Cameron

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Speak to me

It hurts when you just don't reply Time drags as I just wonder why Have you taken offence It doesn't make sense Are you testing to see if I try?

Why me!

'Pick it up! Pick it up!' they would chide But in in truth he had nothing to hide It had slipped from his hand And purely unplanned He had stood...


What's the point in golf some might say? Thrashing round in bunkers all day Chasing little, white balls While your score just appalls Is a sure way...

Not tonight

'Not tonight I'm afraid 'cried my love Which pierced like a bolt from above 'I'm so tired don't you know You really should go' Which was less of a...

Looking back

Old photos can move you to tears Take you back , misty-eyed through the years You laugh and you cry And sometimes just sigh How groundless at times...