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Stuart Cameron

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Get up

Do you wander through life lost in thought Great dreams but now come to naught You'll show them you said If you could just leave this bed But perhaps...

Sorry mate ( Wimbledon )

Now poor Lewis was stopped at the gate As his outfit was considered a ' state ' No jacket or tie Meant bye-bye 'wise guy' Your date with the Royals...

Serving time

You can serve time in a marriage I'm afraid When love once so strong starts to fade Your prison takes shape As you long to escape Liberated and just...

speak up

It would be sad if people were to say He said nothing of note on his way He longed to speak out But assailed by self-doubt He let his purpose in life...

memory lane

Is nostalgia all it' s cracked up to be ​Drifting by on some sweet memory The truth it can land Like the back of your hand Cross your dreams if you...